MSN, Masters CRNA, Rural Health

I feel that I am a strong candidate for advanced study towards the Masters Degree in Nursing Anesthesia because of my vast experience in the field of nursing. Decades of service to my community as a nurse have made me well qualified to assume the high levels of responsibility that are part of the every-day life of the CRNA. Your program is my first choice since I want very much to remain close to my family and I am certain that this will facilitate my giving my all to my studies.

 I am especially excited about the prospect of serving for many years to come as an accomplished CRNA in a hospital that serves a rural community. While I was born in Detroit, I am personally most at home in rural communities and while I have served patients from many diverse populations and I am myself Italian American and bilingual, I find treating patients from rural America to be the area in which I have greatest expertise.

 I am a very hard working and dedicated nurse and a most compassionate woman who has long been dedicated to serving the needs of the less fortunate and most vulnerable members of community. This is why I always found special joy working in community soup kitchens. My compassion for the poor also helped me to excel as a nurse and a human being in ER. Often, people who came to ER needed clothes as well as medical attention; and I always kept the trunk of my car full of clean warm clothes for this purpose. I have 23 years of nursing experience and 16 of those years have been in the area of critical care. Thus, I have a proven track record and a well established love for the art of medicine.

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