Samples of My Work: Letters of Intent in Nursing Administration, Leadership, and Education

Letters of Intent for the Nursing Leaders of Tomorrow

Nurse Management, Education, and Leadership

Sample 1st Paragraph Nursing Informatics

If there was an exact moment when my vague resolve to try to do something about the matter of improving the use of IT in a nursing environment took on solid purpose, it occurred when I saw a highly dedicated nurse colleague struggle to use a piece of software merely because it was so badly designed. Much of my pre-nursing working life was spent in the areas of computing and information technology and so I am especially aware of current problems in this sphere and also the breadth of possibilities for the application of currently available technology to nursing. Even more exciting is the prospect of being involved in researching and applying innovative technology to the care of patients and in assisting health professionals in their work by enabling more effective and efficient care to be delivered.  

Statements of Excellence in Nursing Administration

Some of the most exciting developments in Nursing Education at the Master’s Degree Level have come in recent years by the addition to many programs of a concentration in Leadership in Nursing Education. Leadership in Nursing Education concentrations examine curriculum and pedagogical method from a variety of research and curriculum perspectives—technical, interpretive/practical, and critical/emancipatory—through directed readings, and critical reflective narrative in the classroom. Courses in assessment, professional issues, and technology all offer opportunities for increased competency as a nursing educator.

Letters of Intent for Nursing School: Doctoral, Masters, Certificate

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