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I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story. I appreciate that you trust me to do a good job finishing your letter and I trust you as well to recommend me to your friends and colleagues if you are very pleased with your statement.

I am not a big business with employees like most of my competitors. You deal directly with me. I answer all of your questions and I am solely responsible for producing a letter of intent that you are very pleased with.

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Letters of Intent for Admission to BSN Programs

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Few prospective careers present as many opportunities as nursing, as a result of an ongoing if not permanent nursing shortage in the Developed World. Nurses can use this shortage to their advantage since it provides them with greater options across a wide breadth of organizations. This is especially true for nurses with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. Since that degree gives RNs the ability to take on greater levels of responsibility, they are in greater demand, now and for the foreseeable future.

There are several complex and interrelated reasons for the nursing shortage with no end in sight. These include looming retirement age for older nurses, the aging of the general population, and ongoing and increasing innovation in care coordination. In the future, in all likelihood, nurses will increasingly be called upon to accept leadership roles with greater complexity so as to meet challenges that didn’t exist even a decade ago.