DNP Personal Statement of Purpose Example in Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA, Haitian Woman in NYC

A Haitian woman and a very dedicated and hardworking nurse, I am proud of the fact that I am a native speaker and writer of Haitian Creole as well as English. I was born and raised on Long Island but I am fully bicultural as well as bilingual. In some fundamental sense, Haiti is even more my home than New York City, and while I have not spent long periods of time in Haiti yet, I very much look forward to a professional lifetime of participation in medical missions to my land of origin, for decades to come, where my language ability has great value for coordinating efforts in public health. I am applying to study towards the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX College so as to have the opportunity to most fully realize my dreams as a nurse, for Haiti as well as for New York City.

Earning the DNP Degree in Nurse Anesthesia will provide me with the tools that I need to more fully understand the challenges and opportunities facing our healthcare systems, policies, politics, finances, public health and more. I will come to better understand the public health and nursing issues facing the local community and learn to become a better advocate for my patients. Earning the DNP will help me move into leadership roles and optimize my contribution to professional nursing organizations. I have spent the majority of my nursing career so far working in Telemetry, Critical Care, and ER, learning all that I can and giving my all to practice: bedside manner, patient care, working under stressful conditions, pharmacology, and emergency response, in particular. A member of a nursing sorority and very active in my community, especially with my church. I attend a French/Creole-speaking Baptist church and a lot of the members do not speak much English. I often go with them to the doctor. Many recent immigrants from Haiti to the USA fall into the category of the underserved, and it brings me great joy to be of special service to the needy members of my ethnic and linguistic community.

I earned my BSN from D'youville College in May 2011 and since then I have attained my PCCN, CMC, CCRN, PALS, and ACLS and completed graduate-level courses in Nursing at the University of Massachusetts maintaining a 4.0 average.  I also recently attended the Diversity CRNA conference where I got to meet many CRNAs and SRNAs and participate in a hands-on, airway simulation workshop. Serving as a co-chair of our unit-based council, I place a high value on sharing ideas that help us to enhance our quality of care. I have worked as the charge nurse and participated on rapid response teams. I also precept and orient new hires. I recently completed a shadow experience with a very highly skilled CRNA practitioner, spanning the operating room, labor and delivery, and ambulatory surgery.

Thank you for considering my application to the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia Program at XXXX College.

Masters Nurse Anesthesia Personal Statement of Purpose Sample

My first contact with a CRNA occurred during my advanced medical-surgical clinical rotation in nursing school. I was in the ICU when I witnessed a CRNA intubate a patient in respiratory distress. Deeply impressed by his calm and focused attitude and the swift effect of his work, my interest was immediately fired.

My interest has grown over time and I have done as much as possible to learn about the specialty over the last two and a half years and to prepare myself for this application. I have taken the opportunity to shadow 3 highly dedicated and skilled CRNA’s. I have also attended several nursing anesthesia professional symposia, including the Annual Congress of the AANA, a Diversity CRNA information session, and the CANA Fall meetings, where I learned much about topics of current interest in the specialty. These sessions also provided opportunities to meet and talk with CRNAs and SRNAs in depth about the requirements of the position and receive their advice. Furthermore, I read ‘Watchful Care: A History of America's Nurse Anesthetists’ by Marianne Bankert, which gave me an understanding of the history of nurse anesthetists and the struggles they have experienced to overcome prejudices and to grow and develop the profession.

I realize that wanting to do something does not, in itself, fit one to do it. I have very carefully considered the characteristics required of a first-class practitioner and the demands of the role. I am aware that the specialty is academically and professionally demanding calling for a commitment to being constantly aware of the many and exciting advances in medications, equipment and techniques. I know that high level communication skills are essential together with an analytical approach to problems and the ability to work swiftly and calmly under pressure and to accept significant autonomy while being an effective cross-disciplinary team member.

I have excelled in my academic career and have acquired relevant nursing experience in Cardiac-Thoracic ICU / Surgical ICU over the last two and a half years. I have earned various certifications relevant to my current role which have supplemented my knowledge and helped me to hone my nursing skills. I have volunteered to serve as a ‘champion’ on a hospital wide CLASBI prevention committee and have attended the AACN National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition gaining knowledge that I was able to share with fellow nurses on my unit. I have qualified as a BLS and ACLS instructor and have greatly enjoyed my teaching experience which I hope to extend in my future work.

My goal is to qualify as a CRNA, to accrue significant experience in the role and, ultimately, to undertake research and teaching.

To summarize: I believe that I have the characteristics, academic ability, foundational skill-set and potential to become an excellent practitioner. I have undertaken significant preparatory work to fit me for the training that I now seek and undertake to apply myself with exceptional diligence and commitment to the program.

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Sample Letter of Intent 1st Paragraph Nurse Anesthesia CRNA

I now have almost 3 years of experience as a nurse with all but the first 3 months in ICU and I will be completing my BSN Degree this coming December. I feel very strongly that I want to keep the momentum going and continue on to graduate school shortly after completing my undergraduate studies and I now have only 3 classes to go. I want to continue to make rapid advancement in my nursing career and I am applying to your particularly distinguished program in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX because it is by far the best program within driving distance of my home and place of work. Becoming a CRNA has been my dream for a long time now. This past year, my desire for advancement has grown incrementally as I have had the privilege of being assigned duties of increasing responsibility in ICU, working ever more closely with CRNAs, whose professionalism I admire and seek to emulate.

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are the most cost-effective anesthesia providers and patients want healthcare delivered with personal care, at a lower cost, with a high degree of confidence. The CRNA provides all three.

Nurse anesthetists had been providing care in the U.S. for approximately a century- and-a-half. CRNAs practice in every setting in which anesthesia is delivered, including but not limited to: traditional hospital surgical suites and obstetrical delivery rooms; critical access hospitals; ambulatory surgical centers; dentist offices, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, and pain management specialists, etc,