Nursing Masters, CRNA, Devout Catholic Man

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study because I am not only a devout Catholic but also a fervent admirer of the Jesuit tradition. I am convinced that the election of history’s first Jesuit pope will help us to usher in novel and creative advances from a Catholic perspective on the management of pain. A young American man, an activist with a keen interest in politics, first and foremost I seek to devote the balance of my life to the battle against ‘total pain’; researching the ways that pain always exists on multiple levels, physical, psychological, etc., and always within a social context. As a CRNA, I seek to honor the mission of University of XXXX by treating my patients and their families in the same way that UXXX treats its students, caring for their “intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development” in a holistic manner.

As a white American man and a nurse, I have come to profoundly appreciate the vast diversity that we have in our medical community, doctors as well as nurses. Throughout my years of service, I have especially treasured the opportunities that I have had to work with nurses and health care professionals who are people of color, many of them first generation immigrants to the USA, from the Philippines, Latin America, etc.  As someone dedicated to lifelong learning and with a special passion for inclusion, I seek to learn as much as I can about the unique health care needs and considerations of all of our ethnic minority communities, particularly the African-American and Latino communities, our largest ethnic minorities. My long term goal, years down the road after having distinguished myself as a CRNA, would be to enter politics so as to be able to do all that I can to make health care in America as egalitarian and inclusive as possible.

I have extensive experience serving as a nurse in the inner-city and this was a special privilege for me as I seek to devote my life to helping the underserved, in particular, the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society, those who have the greatest need for medical care and the fewest resources to pay for it. I began my nursing career in New Haven CT and became all too familiar with a city plagued by violence, particularly gang violence. Next, I moved to Los Angeles and again witnessed up close the way in which violence is decimating the poorest members of our urban communities: children shot, only to survive and then become perpetrators of violence themselves. I want to do everything that I can to contribute to breaking this cycle.

 I have long been especially concerned with the plight of the uninsured. As a democrat, I support my president in his quest to provide health care coverage for all Americans, especially those who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. As a devout Catholic, I am moved by the profound religious strength of the families from Mexico, in particular, that I had the privilege to serve in LA. The faith of others reinforces my own and inspires me to give my all. Perhaps the single greatest strength of my application to your distinguished program is my extensive experience in the area of emergency medicine. I began my career as a volunteer fireman and EMT, administering life saving care to people trapped in car wrecks, thrown from boats, badly injured in fires, etc. My volunteer service helped me to cultivate humility and devotion to the underserved. 

One of the special highlights of my career has been the opportunity to contribute to the development of education programs for nurses during my service with XXXX Hospital, helping to formulated a Code Response Training Program for nurses in Intensive Care, encouraging our ICU nurses to become independent leaders as called for during emergencies in our unit. I can imagine no greater privilege than the opportunity to teach nursing at some point in my future. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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