FNP post-MSN Certificate Program, Geriatrics

Your distinguished FNP post-MSN Certificate Program at XXXX State University is my first choice for further graduate study. I have an M.S Degree and I have worked for many years as a licensed nurse. My children are now grown up and I am again free so that I can practice the rigors of working and studying at the same time. I keenly look forward to being able to give my all to my studies for the first time in my life. My passion now is to excel at XXXX State University. Over my many years of professional service, I have become adept at successfully cultivating and maintaining a good rapport with patients of varying backgrounds, almost all of which presented me with one type of challenge or another. Subsequently, I have become a very good problem solver. I see nursing as an art and a science which encompass the body, mind and spirit. Hence, my most memorable moments in nursing have been times when I discovered positive changes in the physical and emotional health of my home care patients, especially my geriatric patients especially as regards response to enlightenment, health promotion and wellness.

Among the professional challenges that I have met include the oversight of the Visiting Nurse Association and its 1000 employees. I also designed and developed my own successful Assisted Living Facility. My central professional goal is to become a FNP by completion of your Post MSN Certificate Program with a primary focus on geriatrics and dementia.  I have developed a special affinity for rural nursing and home care and very much look forward to doing ongoing research in these areas.

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