BSN-to-DNP Degree, Family Nurse Practitioner

My response to entering middle age has been to advance in my career. I look forward to contributing to the lovely diversity of your program at XXU as a woman who was born and raised in Iran; while I will always be Persian, however, I have been here so long that I already feel Oklahomian. I became an RN in 2001 and since that time I have been practicing mostly in intensive care and surgery units. I now hold dual bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry as well as Nursing. Family Nurse Practitioner is the area to which I want very much to devote the rest of my professional life and I see your novel and distinguished program at XXU as the flagship academic department in Oklahoma and my best chance for going as far as I can as an FNP.

 I see advocating for the patient as the number one goal of nursing. I do this day in and day out as a Surgery Nurse at XXXX Hospital. I ask for acceptance to your distinguished program because I want to become the very best patient advocate that I can become; and not just an advocate for the patient, but an advocate for the family. My firm belief in the importance of families pulling together to deal with health crises has led me to focus on the FNP track and to devote my life to the cause of nurses helping families, not just patients. I believe that my extensive work experience as an RN for more than10 years now has provided me with a solid foundation that will enable me to hit the ground running and excel in the BSN to DNP Program.

 When I was a little girl, I would pretend that I was a nurse in my playtime. I have always had a keen interest in nursing and medicine. I received my first bachelor in Biochemistry from XXU in 1999 and then decided to pursue a career in nursing because I wanted to be instrumental in helping patients get healthy.

 I feel strongly that I am now at the optimal point in my life to begin graduate study towards the ultimate degree in my field, the Doctor of Nursing Practice-FNP at XXXX University. XXU is my first choice for graduate school not only because I live in this beautiful state, not far away, but because of the unique quality and structure of your FNP track. Since my long term goal is the DNP, being able to complete all of my additional training at the same university is a special, added plus of your program.

 I hope to graduate from your program not only with the fullest integrity, but also the knowledge and compassion necessary for making the most positive impact possible on meeting the health care needs of diverse communities, particularly those with the fewest resources. Completing your DNP program would enable me to better advocate for my patient population on the basis of Evidence Based Practices, giving back to my local community throughout my lifetime. In addition to my professional positions, I look forward to decades of volunteer service of behalf of those without the means to pay for healthcare.

 I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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