DNP Program, Russian Woman Immigrant

A woman from the Ural Mountains of Russia who came to America at the age of 20, I married, and made my permanent home at XXXX where I am now raising my children as a divorced mom. Now 39 and in my last year of your BSN program and XXXX University, I hope to continue at XXU to earn my DNP Degree. XXU and the surrounding community is our home and I feel very strongly that I will be able to best excel as a DNP student with the support of our local community, friends, neighbors, familiar surroundings, etc. I like to think of myself as something of a Russian ambassador to the XXXX Community and I day-dream of someday attending to Russian tourists who find themselves in need of medical attention while on a visit to XXXX, as a DNP serving at one of our local hospitals.

I have always known that caring for people is what made me the happiest. Nursing school has confirmed this. I am not really sure why I chose to earn my first degree at GCU in 2001 in the area of finance. I was newly arrived in America, young, searching. Within a few years, I was a stay-at-home mom, all the while learning and perfecting my English and pursuing my personal intellectual interests mostly psychology. My three-week rotation at XXXX Behavioral Health was my defining moment when I dedicated my professional life to psychiatric nursing, helping people who are struggling with mental issues by providing them with the tools to lead happier, more fulfilling lives, realizing their full potential by making better choices and building more healthy relationships. I learned in my rotations that I simply adore my patients, meeting and communicating with them, caring for them, working as a team with doctors, CNAs, therapists, and other nurses.

One of our patients at XXXX Behavioral, a 15-yr old girl, severely depressed, anorexic, and suicidal stands out in my mind. She was admitted for a suicide attempt following a break-up with her boyfriend. What bothered me the most was that, at least from all appearances, she came from a very good, stable, "normal", loving and caring family. I thought of my 9-yr old daughter at home. Nothing seemed to help this girl until a nurse practitioner, after completing a mental assessment, put her on an anti-depressant medication. The next time I saw her, she was a different person, taking her meds and not only faithfully attending but even enjoying group therapy. 

My children and nursing school have not left me much time to volunteer, but I do work with two different food banks and have read to preschoolers. Most recently, I joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and I hope to make a very positive impact over the long term to a very special little girl who has come into my life.

I thank you for considering my application.

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