Geriatric Nursing Issues and Trends in Allocation of Resources

Depression, delirium, and dementia are major health problems in primary and long-term care. There is a shortage of mental health providers overall, but this is especially true for psychiatrists specializing in gerontology. Advanced practice nurses, such as GNPs, could fill this gap in delivery of mental healthcare for older adults.

Letters of Intent for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses

Ideally, psychiatric nurses provide patients with a healing atmosphere that promotes healthy emotional living. The change from custodial to therapeutic nursing care that has taken place over the last century or so involves relationships with patients, observing and predicting their behavior; and learning how to accept and/or adapt that behavior. Psychiatric nursing requires advanced and effective communication skills, ability to function as an active member of the interdisciplinary team, and most of all, the ability to interpret behavior.

Psychiatric nursing is dependent upon the demands and needs of the patients and individual needs of nurses and nursing personnel - in their particular ward and with respect to their administrative function. These demands vary according to whether the facility in question is an intensive treatment unit, continued treatment unit, geriatric service, day hospital, night hospital, day care center or a weekend unit.

The hospital has a responsibility to ensure that adequate educational programs for nursing personnel are part of its program so as to focus on dynamic, creative, and thoroughgoing patient care. Personnel must have the ability to use good judgment, observe behavior, develop an awareness of the self, function with a minimum amount of anxiety, learn to be comfortable with patients and develop increasing use of available resources.

Letters of Intent for Nursing School: Doctoral, Masters, Certificate

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