Samples of My Work: Letters of Intent for Nursing Residency

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Letters of Intent for Nursing School: Doctoral, Masters, Certificate

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and have only been published anonymously


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Letters of Intent for Selection to Nursing Residency Programs

New graduates from nursing school often face difficult psychological and intellectual challenges as they adapt to their new careers. Organizational leaders struggle with new graduates’ preparedness to practice. Clinical competency and management of multiple transitions not only affect the new graduate, but also the care of patients and the health care organization. Nursing residency programs (NRPs) were designed to establish a smooth transition from student life into professional life. These programs seek to establish clinical competence, provide emotional support through transition, and facilitate recruitmentand retention of strong nurse beginners.

Increasingly, new graduate nurses take up a residency position for one year after finishing nursing school. This provides them with adequate support for that all-important first year, the transition year between academic study and the pressure of healthcare in the real world. Nursing is not getting any easier; in fact, most observer see it as increasingly complex, particularly with respect to the use of technology and the great advancement that is occurring in this area of nursing. Completing a residency program can often surround a new nurse with the kind of support system that is needed, preparing them for the rigors of the Nursing profession for many decades to come. A link has been discovered between new-graduate nurses that complete a residency program and those nurses that go on to develop advanced clinical leadership skills throughout the course of their nursing career.