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The field of Women’s Health Nursing has greatly expanded beyond its origins in reproductive health. It is an exciting time for women and for nursing professionals who work with women as there has been a lot of exciting development in this area. With the adoption of a more global perspective, it becoming increasingly clear that the health of women is integrally tied to the social, economic, political, and religious forces that shape cultures and societies. With health education, women become empowered to make better decisions about their own health and that of their families. Nurses and other healthcare providers play an important role in this educational process towards women’s well-being.

As part of earning a Master’s Degree and becoming a certified WHNP, you will become an expert at reviewing, enhancing, and expanding our knowledge base and level of understanding of women’s healthcare issues across the lifespan and across the globe. 

Sample 1st Paragraph, MSN Clinical Nurse Leader CNL, Africa

A young woman and mother of two from Africa, I have made my home with my husband for some years now in XXXX, XXXX. Thus, your distinguished nursing program with its vast opportunity and resources at XXU is my first choice for graduate school. I hope to be accepted into the Graduate Entry option since my undergraduate degree is in Mathematics. Nevertheless, I fully plan to excel in your program and it will be my hope to be accepted to complete my degree in the WHNP track. This is because my long term goal—once my children are bigger—is to return to my native Senegal and train nurses and establish clinics with a focus on Women's and Reproductive Health.

Letters of Intent for Nursing School: Doctoral, Masters, Certificate

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